Reliability Conditioning

Reliability testing refers to evaluating the capability of a component to execute its predetermined function, while subjected to predetermined conditions for a specified period of time. The goal of reliability testing is to identify potential design problems in the specific product and to ensure the product meets acceptable reliability requirements.

A product’s reliability can be tested on various levels: on the component, system and subsystem level. Each level helps determine the standard of reliability under various conditions and in different environments. The testing strategy, comprised of tests at each level, is customized by a reliability engineer based the customer’s goals. Once the test strategy is finalized, the test procedures for each level of testing are designed, executed and the results recorded.

At NJMET, based in Clifton New Jersey, our primary goal is to insure a high standard of product reliability by identifying and solving problems, developing new ideas through technical consulting and providing the testing excellence needed to improve product performance. Over the years, NJMET has been known for offering a vast array of services that evaluate product quality under varying conditions and in different environments. These services help determine the reliability of the product in question and they include:

-Bond Pull and Die Shear Testing
-Steam Aging and Solderability Testing
-Solder Tinning & Lead Cleaning
-PIND (Particle Impact Noise Detection) Testing
-Constant Acceleration (Centrifuge) Testing
-Marking and Resistance to Solvent Testing
-Optical Microscope Systems for Internal Visual Inspection (Failure Analysis)-SEM
-Hermeticity Seal Detection (Fine and Gross)
-Pressurization Testing at Gross (Fluorocarbon) and Fine (Helium) Levels
-Leak Detection


When asked about NJMET’s quality services and effectiveness of their testing strategies, Vice President Joseph Federico had this to say, “After testing electronic components for over 30 years, I feel strongly that by exercising the proper testing methodologies under the right conditions, the industry will have a more confident feeling about the distribution and performance of these products.”

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NJMET is a pioneer in the electronic component testing industryand has served the Military, Commercial, Aerospace, Industrial, and Automotive fields, providing worldwide quality electronic component/product testing for over 30 years.