Joseph Federico;Mmssion Imposter® Program


Joseph Federico along with NJMET have introduced their Mission Imposter® Counterfeit Component Product Inspection Program.

Mission Imposter® is aimed at detecting and removing counterfeit and cloned electronic components from the supply chain.

NJMET’s well-trained engineers utilize a state of the art multi-process Mission Imposter® inspection detection system in order to determine counterfeit/clone products. The process starts with analyzing the shipping and packaging. It continues with the parts undergoing several levels of inspection including: marking and dimension checks, internal visual analysis, material analysis and electrical testing to insure the safety of your distribution transaction.

For more information and updates on Joseph Federico's Risk Mitigation Program, please visit NJMET at


NJMET is a pioneer in the electronic component testing industryand has served the Military, Commercial, Aerospace, Industrial, and Automotive fields, providing worldwide quality electronic component/product testing for over 30 years.


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