Joseph Federico;

As Director of Operations at NJ MET, Joseph Federico has led the company to tremendous success and growth, establishing NJ MET as a market leader and provider of leading edge, standards compliant electronic component testing.

Joseph Federico brought NJMET to great success and acclaim when he created the world’s first electronic counterfeit component detection program, called Mission Imposter, the purpose of which is to detect and prevent the distribution of counterfeit or cloned electronic products. NJ MET’s newfound influence became evident once the world’s largest online electronic component trading center implemented the program.

As Director of Operations, Joseph Federico directs NJ MET’s business operations, including Marketing, Management, Administration, Quality, and charitable activities. He directs, administers, and coordinates the activities of NJ MET towards its principal objectives. His tasks include developing personnel rules and regulations and ensuring compliance with regulatory statutes and plans, implementing sales and marketing programs, and overseeing all aspects of the testing, tooling, and direct activities so that approved electronic component testing is executed on-schedule and within quality standards and cost objectives.

NJ MET is based in Clifton NJ, with branches throughout the US. Clifton, NJ has a certified laboratory with multiple sales offices, which serve a variety of purposes and a wide array of industries and clientele.

NJ MET offers such services as digital testing, reliability and environmental conditioning, and an assortment of other testing methodologies and programs. For nearly 40 years, NJ MET has been a leader in the Commercial, Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive and Space fields, providing international quality electronic component/product testing.