Here you will find information about Joseph Federico of Clifton, New Jersey and NJ MET.

Joseph Federico

Joseph Federico  is currently the vice president and director of operations for NJ MET.  Among his many activities for the company, Joseph manages the engineering staff (both engineers and engineering techs) , oversee component testing, is in charge of many of NJ MET’s charitable efforts. Plus Joseph Federico makes on-site visits to customers across the United States and the around the world.  He has also written and given presentations about various issues in field of electronic component testing, including on the topic of authenticity testing.  Joseph  started at the company in NJ MET’s early years as a Test Operator for Solid State Electronics.

Read about Joseph’s presentations at http://josephfederico.org/wp1/presentations-joseph-federico/



The Clifton, NJ based company provides testing services on electronic components and other items, principally in the aerospace, defense and other manufacturing sectors of the economy.    NJ MET was founded in 1978.  For many years now, the company has been a family-run business, run by the Federico family.  Many of members of the NJ MET staff have been with the company 10 or more years, some 20 or more years.  The staff has continues to received training in order stay on top of changing standards in the component testing industry. The company maintains accreditation  from several industry organizations. NJMET Inc. is AS9100/ISO9001:2008 certified company. It  has recently successfully completed of The Defense Logistic Agency’s (DLA) laboratory suitability assessment.

NJ MET’s lab and main office are in Clifton, NJ.  The lab and offices are in a 25,000 square foot facility with much devoted to the testing lab. It also maintains a sales office in Denver, Colorado. In the laboratory, engineers and engineering techs can perform a wide range of test on the components including : digital testing, Linear Testing and Discrete Test Capabilities.

Check out the services page on the NJ MET website: http://njmetmtl.com .



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